CNC Projects that Sell-The Ultimate Guide

If you are interested in making CNC projects and make a good amount of money out of them, then you are in the right place.

CNC machines are more accessible to make new projects. Making big as well as small projects is easy. The most beneficial thing about it is, it can make projects at home and get a lot of money by selling them.

Finding different ideas for project making is easier. Check the ideas and make your projects your way. See the details to know more.

How to Make Money with Your CNC Router By Doing Less?

Making money with your CNC router is easy if you follow some steps. There is a Facebook group named Shapeoko CNC. In this group, several owners talk about CNC routers and how to make money through them.

To get a lot of money, first, you need to have a CNC machine. The price of it is around $1300. That is a good amount of money. Check the methods of how other people use it and get a lot of money through it.

If you want to sell CNC projects, the Facebook marketplace is a huge area for it. Posting the information and getting buyers is easy there. That’s how you will be able to get a good amount of profit because Facebook doesn’t charge any additional shipping charges inside the locality.

Where Can You Find Free CNC Project Files?

New CNC owners face various problems when it comes to selling any CNC projects. There are a lot of places where you will find buyers and it will be helpful for you if you are new here.

Some of the reliable sources are:

  • CNC Facebook Groups
  • Pinterest

40 CNC Projects to Sell

1. Wood American Flag

American flags are popular and they are sold in a huge amount. You will get a lot of files available online where you will select your preferred design and buy according to it. A seller is able to sell any kind of wood American flag in local marketplaces. And making this thing is a perfect one.

2. Wood Wall Maps 

Wood wall maps look amazing for interior decoration. It can be used in any kind of place whether it’s home, living area, restaurants, and more. This is so unique that it gives that place an additional value. Also, it can be found at some affordable prices.

3. Pencil Rest

Making a pencil rest is a common decor for home and office. The process is quick so it will be able to make money within a short amount of time. It also has some great things that people will want to buy. It doesn’t need a lot of wood to make a pencil rest. A small piece of wood will also do.

4. Coin Tray

Coin trays are also a good thing people make. It can be made by using a small piece of wood. And making money is easy by selling it in the local marketplace.

5. Paintbrush Holder

This is another small accessory that people use, make and sell easily. It will be quickly batched out on the CNC. Taking a good photo of that item and selling it is a simple process. There are a lot of people who want to buy this thing.

6. Personalized Trailhead Signs

Trailhead signs are some of the unique things to make. Trailheads are used to point out the distance, directions, and names. And creating a personalized trailhead will be an interesting thing that people want to buy.

7. Christmas Ornaments

Making some Christmas ornaments in the Christmas season will be the best decision. There will be a lot of ideas that can be portrayed in those ornaments that people might like. Selling different kinds of ornaments and making a lot of money in this season is a good option.

8. End Tables

The end table has an elegant look that can catch people’s minds. So, making that kind of table in different designs is easy to sell. It doesn’t need to spend a lot of money. This can be made cheap and people will still buy it because of its modern look.

9. Wall Panel Art

Wall panels have abstract designs that can be easily made. Showing one’s creativity in it will be easy and that will look incredible too. A CNC machine can do a lot of designs that can let people know about it by making wall panels.

10. Drink Coasters

Drink coasters are small.  Making it is easy with the help of a CNC machine. Selling the drinks coasters is also easy as people like it both for themselves and to give others as a gift. Getting a solid profit is easy because coaster blanks are cheap and people will buy in a huge quantity.

11. BBQ/Shop/Man Cave Signs

People decorate their homes with different types of signs. That’s why making several cave signs with a CNC machine is in this list. Also, some customized designs according to the customer’s choice can also be made. There is also an adding names and other details is also available to make it their own.

12. Name Puzzles

Name puzzles are the things that a new parent buys. There are different types of name puzzles available out there that can be made with a CNC machine. Making money with it is a great idea by making name puzzles and selling them. This is a fun game for kids to learn more.

13. Jewelry

Manufacturing various kinds of jewelry with a CNC machine has been done for many years. This is the most popular thing that people sell in a huge amount. People make earrings, neckpieces, pendants, bracelets, and more with this machine and make a good profit by selling it.

14. Growth Charts

People also buy growth charts especially for their kids to measure their height. It helps to track the kid’s growth and that’s why parents prefer to buy it. Making growth charts is also easy. So, making customized charts with significant names on them is popular nowadays. This will be sold online and offline as well.

15. Wood Crosses

Making wood crosses is also a good option. It is easy to build and people will love it if the designs are unique. People make a good profit when they include this in their lists. 

16. Bottle Cap Holders

Bottle cap holders in various shapes are popular these days. People show their creativity by making various types of cap holders. Map-style cap holders are on-trend. But making some unique designs as well is possible.

17. Wood Badges

Making badges with wood will be unique. That’s why people will be attracted to it. Making various types of wood badges will create a good impression, and the products will be recognized and sold even more. People create their own designed firefighter and police badges in different styles to earn money from it.

18. Jumbo Letter Tiles

Create jumbo letter tiles with some small pieces of wood. It will be cheap and easy to make. People will buy them for their kids to help them to learn. With the tiles, people make a letter game for kids. That will show customers your creativity and they will be encouraged to buy them.

19. Customized Pizza Paddles

It is for those who love cooking and baking. Bakers love to try different types of baking tools. And this is a great option to make customized things for them. Also, the price range is cheap and that’s why people are attracted to this product. Sellers get a lot of profit by making customized pizza paddles.

20. Retirement Display

Sellers make a custom carved retired display. It looks incredible as well as useful. So, people will buy it as they want variety. There are several vector files that are ready for customization. Sellers have a good amount of profit from it by customizing things according to customer’s choice.

21. Game Boards

Making different types of game boards like chess boards, cribbage boards, and more is fun with the CNC. Also, people make customized name engraved boards if any customer wants them. That will make the creation even more unique. And people will come to know about other creative designs.

22. Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

Making a customized wall-mounted bottle opener and adding it to a customized wall mount will be a good way to catch people’s attention. Make this thing with proper patience and time. It can be a perfect gift for any close people. This is a unique thing to make and sell them.

23. Catch All Trays

There is a lot of fun and creativity in making trays. Making several types of trays with different designs is a popular thing in modern times. It will have people’s attention because of some unique designs. So, creating different types of trays and making money through them is a beneficial thing that people do.

24. Coin Collection Displays

Coin collection displays are unique that sellers make with their CNC machines. Many people love to collect coins. And that’s why people  make this kind of display with a good quality. It can be placed in any area in a house as a decoration.

25. Mantle Decor

Creating different types of mantle decor as a decorative piece for home decor is now easy because of having a CNC machine. Seasonal mantle decor increases the selling percentage in that particular season. There can be Christmas trees, flowers, patterns, and many more decorative pieces that can be made in a short time.

26. Wood Clocks

Wood clocks look amazing and unique that people love as a home decoration. There are wood clocks with different types of designs available. It can be sold online or in local marketplaces too. There are various types of clock designs people make to show their creativity. They also make a floating clock that looks amazing.

27.  House Number Signs

House number signs are also popular for home interior. Different types of house number signs are made to show creativity. People find it unique, that’s why they buy it for home decoration.

28. Custom Business Signs

Making customized business signs as the business owners need is a wonderful idea. Being creative with it is necessary and that will surely catch people’s eyes. It is highly profitable too. There are unique designs out there that are extremely appreciated nowadays.

29. Cell Phone Stand

Cell phone stands are usually available in some typical designs. Making some unique designs will be eye-catchy. With the help of a CNC machine, different designs of cell phone stands can be made. And that will bring a good profit margin.

30. Customized Cutting Boards 

Sellers make some customized cutting boards. Those who are interested in cooking want to get a unique type of board. And if they can get a customized version with their names on it, then what can be better than this? So, sellers make different kinds of cutting boards because it is a good option to sell.

31. Switch Plates

There are some unique additions to make switch plates. It will be something different because people generally use one-colored switch plates for their houses. That’s why making wooden switch plates is becoming a trend now. It is used for regular switches for light and fans or for modern paddle switches too.

32. Door Signs

Talking about creativity, making door signs is a great example. People make some personalized welcome signs that will be easier to sell. This item is used outside of the house and on the front door of it. So, it should be attractive. Different types of door signs can be sold in a huge quantity in the marketplace.

33. Customized Wall Signs

Customized wall signs are also a good option because it doesn’t need much time to make. But people get a lot of profit by selling it. They sell it in a huge quantity. Modern wall signs are interesting because of having a personalized wall sign.

34. Wood Name Signs

Having a modern name sign with some unique designs is every person’s wish. People make unique designs of wooden name signs, and sell them in a huge amount.

35. Topographical Maps

Topographical maps look amazing in their way. Various types of maps with some incredible designs are sold in a huge amount. Topographical maps are in trend nowadays. Making a lot of those maps and selling them in online and offline markets is a good idea to make money.

36. Lawn Signs

People make lawn signs in different styles. It looks amazing outside the house. People will buy lawn signs if they find it different. It doesn’t take much effort to make it. Also, it is easy to get a good profit from it.

37. Wooden Games

Who doesn’t love games? And if it is made of wood, then it looks elegant and beautiful. Multiple types of games like puzzles, ludo, chess, and more are made with a CNC machine and sold in the marketplaces. It will be a perfect thing as a gift. That’s why people will buy it even more.

38. Monogram Signs

Monogram signs are popular and people love them as a gift. They also use it to place it in their house. That’s the reason sellers make different types of monogram signs and sell them to make a good profit.

39. Trinket Trays

Making trinket trays is a good option to show everyone’s versatility. That’s why they make wooden trays that look elegant. It will help them to build up their business if they make new things with creativity. Making several kinds of trinket trays is one of them. It can also be found in different sizes and shapes as well.

40. Bathtub Tray

Those who are looking for unique accessories to decorate their houses will buy in a good quantity if the quality is good. Making a wooden bathtub tray increases the selling scale as people will buy it by seeing the creativity. It looks amazing if people place it on their bathtub. Offering different types of products will boost the business.

Final Verdict

To conclude, all you need to know that you need to be creative. The reason is, people will buy things more if they find them unique than the regular products.

That’s why you should be aware of those things before making and selling CNC projects. Know all the details first and then make different projects to sell them and make money.

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