70 Woodworking Projects that Sell in 2021

Hand-crafted wooden projects can make you more money than you think. Most people think it’s extremely hard while some can’t find ideas that will sell. But as the market for woodwork grows bigger, this will definitely be a good money-making option for you. 

But choosing the profitable projects that’ll sell is hard. This is why in today’s article, we’ll be talking about the top 70 woodworking projects to sell. You’ll be surprised to know the endless possibilities this market has for you.

Top 70 woodworking projects:

1. Personalized Wooden Gifts 

When it comes to buying gifts for someone special, people always look for the most unique, elegant, and extraordinary options available. You may think a piece of lumber can’t be made into something one wants to gift to someone, you’re wrong. Engraved wooden cups, engraved wooden wall frames, name plaques can be an amazing gift for a friend on any occasion. Keeping the option of personalized wooden gifts in your shop will be highly profitable for you.

2. Wooden toys

When it comes to making profitable hand-crafted wooden projects, wooden toys should be your first choice. Many parents nowadays prefer wooden toys over plastic toys as it’s more sustainable, and will not get ruined in just a few months. Wooden dolls, puppets, animal figurines, etc can be an ideal gift for kids on their birthdays or Christmas. Making wooden toys is easier than it looks, and the profit it’ll bring is immaculate.

3. Wooden Christmas ornaments

Christmas ornaments are very easy to make. We all have seen Christmas ornaments adorning Christmas trees growing up. This, easy to do idea will not require unique designs. You can create basic Christmas ornaments and decorate them according to the theme and occasion. Since wood lasts longer, it’ll be the first choice for many people looking for reusable Christmas ornaments. Adding personalized ornaments or name engraved ornaments is a great idea too!

4. Wooden coat racks

A wooden coat rack hanging on the wall enhances the beauty of a room tenfold. Some prefer standing coat racks as it offers more space. Building a coat rack is pretty easy. You can also make it more aesthetic by giving the rack a rustic and vintage vibe. Coat racks are essential in many houses. Once you start making these, you’ll be able to see profit easily. 

5. Wooden shoe racks

Unorganized and messy shoes are probably the worst things ever. Selling huge sizes of shoe racks might be a risky move, but selling small-sized wooden shoe racks can be quite profitable. Many people who live alone prefer small wooden shoe racks to store their shoes, but most racks available in shops are humongous and costs quite a lot. This is why selling small-sized wooden shoe racks can be a great choice. 

6. Wooden photo frames

Photo frames is a great gift. One can buy it for their loved ones, on their birthdays, on the anniversary and even on Christmas. The potential of a good photo frame is immaculate. This is why we can assure you, selling photo frames will surely be profitable for you. You can sell single regular-shaped photo frames, hexagon-shaped frames, conjoint photo frames that can keep multiple photos in one frame, etc.

7. Wooden pencil holder

Wooden pencil holder and pen holder are very easy to make, require minimum effort, and are a highly profitable project. You can make regular rectangular-shaped pencil or pen holders or if you want to spice up things a bit, design according to your preference. You can sell these pencil and pen holders in a set witch each having different designs on their body. these pen and pencil holder set will make a very cute addition to a kid’s study table.

8. Wooden Flowerpots

Almost everyone living in apartment homes has a small garden on their balcony. Making small wooden flower or plant pots is a very profitable approach to woodworking. These can add the right amount of vintage and rustic vibe to any balcony. You can make a single flower or plant pots, or you can design multiple small flower pots in one big space too. The latter can be a very unique flower pot that will add the perfect amount of sophistication to any garden.

9. Barrel plant pots

A wooden barrel planter will add the perfect amount of uniqueness to any front yard. You can make barrels and sell them as plant pots or you can also make barrels specifically made to be plant pots. When making a barrel plant pot, don’t forget to line it with a plastic sheet as many consumers prefer pre-lined barrel plant pots to stop rotting from happening. Adding a few streaks of black paint across will make the project more attractive. 

10. Wooden shelves

Making wooden shelves when you’re working with lumber is a given. But if you didn’t know, we’re here to tell you, that small wooden shelves are not only easy to make but will also sell very quickly. Smaller shelves are preferred by many since they can use one shelf to organize one type of stuff and don’t require much room either. Small wooden shelves are also loved by many college-going students!

11. Wooden Furniture

If you’re a beginner in the world of woodworking, building furniture to sell will be quite hard for you. Starting with smaller stuff like coffee tables, chairs, etc will be easier. Slowly move on to bigger furniture. You can paint over your furniture according to your customer’s needs. You can also sand and shade the furniture to make it more aesthetic. Using mahogany to create bespoke and unique wooden furniture will only prove to be profitable for you.

12. Wooden Serving Trays

Wooden serving trays are one of the most popular wooden projects in the market. Almost everyone owns or is looking for the perfect wooden serving tray. This is why selling wooden serving trays is considered very profitable. You can sand the tray to make it more matte and vintage. You can make it dark-colored to give it a more rustic aesthetic. You can also carve different patterns into the tray to make it more attractive.

13. Wooden Step Tools

Step tools serve a great purpose in everyone’s day to day lives. From reaching to the highest shelf of the cupboard, to your child using it to get on the bed, a step tool is truly one of the most useful things around the house. And when that useful tool is a handmade wooden piece designed and catered according to one’s need, nobody can say no to it. To make the tool child-friendly, sand the corners and all the sharp edges.  

14. Wooden Cups

Wooden cups make an amazing gift. You can sell wooden cups in pairs, or single. These can be the ultimate gift for birthdays, and anniversaries. You can also add plates with the cups to match and sell them as a set. Wooden cups are easy to make but be sure to make them unique looking and exclusively designed to earn more profit. You can also carve or engrave the name of the buyer to make more profit. Engraving can be done with wood burning procedures too.

15. Wooden Fruit Bowls

Fruit bowls are an important part of any household. Walking into the kitchen, or the dining hall, you’ll always see a fruit bowl in the middle of the table standing tall and proud. But fruit bowls can look quite mundane and boring. Making unique, handmade, and hand-carved wooden fruit bowls can be highly profitable for your business. You can make regular-shaped bowls, rectangular bowls, etc.

16. Wooden Utensils

Wooden utensils will add the most ultimate elegant touch to any kitchen. Sets of wooden utensils, like wooden plates, wooden spoons, wooden cutlery, wooden glasses, etc look very different from the average utensils available. You can make sets of spoons, sets of plates, etc that have the same carving or designs. You can also use the wood-burning technique to adorn the plates which will look very extraordinary at the table. 

17. Wooden Handle Knife Sets

Wooden handle knives are very popular due to the user comfort and stylish look it adds in the kitchen. Many people prefer wooden handles more than regular plasticky handle knives as it takes the regal aesthetic away from their kitchen. You can sell wooden handle knife sets that include 4 to 5 different-sized knives. You can also sell a wooden knife box along with the set. 

18. Wooden Spice Rack

When it comes to working in the kitchen, nothing is more important than everything staying organized. Spice racks are a great organizer that saves a lot of effort in the kitchen. There are many types of spice racks available. Some of the most popular ones are, glass door spice organizer shelf hanging to the wall, hanging spice rack (these don’t come with doors and the spice jars are laid down). 

19. Wooden Coasters

Coasters are a great way to save dining tables from heat damage. Regular coasters can dull down the aesthetic of a dining table very quickly. This is why a lot of people prefer wooden coasters as these can be customized and personalized according to their needs. You can sell circle-shaped coasters, rectangular coasters, hexagon-shaped coasters, etc. For the design, you can keep a personalized option that lets the buyer engrave their names, or use the woodburning technique too. 

20. Pet Houses

Pet houses are a common sight in many modern houses. Most people adorn their front yard with a wooden dog house for their dear friend. Wooden dog houses are quite easy to create as well. Keeping a window in front, painting the roof in a different color makes the pet house very attractive looking. You can also leave space at the front to make it look like a front yard/ resting yard for the pet.

21. BirdHouses

Most people who have birds as pets like to keep them inside a birdhouse. Wooden birdhouses are very easy to create and can be quite profitable for your business as well. if you’ve made a wooden pet house before, then you’d know the process is quite smaller except birdhouses are quite small and requires much less effort. You can build taller birdhouses with a hole in the front, or birdhouses with both sides of the house open, etc.

22. Pet Beds

Pet beds are essential in many houses. But most stores don’t sell pet beds that cater to all kinds of pets. This is why small woodworking businesses that sell pet beds are very successful at it. A pet bed is very easy to make and is highly profitable too. You can add small stairs with the pet bed if it’s for a small legged animal. You can personalize and engrave the name of the pet on the headboard of the bed too!

23. Mug Rack Tree

Mug racks are all the hype now. A mug rack gives one the leverage to store all the mugs and cups in the house without wasting too much space on the table or the shelf. So, you can understand how much profit will be flying to your pocket once you start making these. You can make mug rack trees that have space for 4 mugs, 6 mugs, or more. You can also sell these in sets.

24. Wooden Flower Vase

If you’re a beginner in the world of woodworking, then this one might be a bit hard for you. But if you’re not, then this will help you to go into a profit frenzy! Wooden flower vases are very versatile and charming looking. These flower vases can be of regular shape, rectangular shaped, or even hexagon shaped. Achieving the theme of abstract is very easy with flower vases. Wooden vases also have a very raw yet regal look to them, which makes them a favorite among many. 

25. Wooden Charcuterie Boards

Who doesn’t love charcuterie boards! It’s scrumptious, it has the most elegant yet casual vibe to it and people love to spend time with their family over charcuterie. This is why selling unique charcuterie boards can be very profitable. Two-toned wooden charcuterie boards are very popular. You can engrave sentimental words like, “happiness”, “family”, “love” etc in the middle of the board to make it look extraordinary.

26. Wooden Cutting Board

Wooden cutting boards are a top choice among many. Some prefer it due to the convenience and comfort it offers, while some prefer it because it lasts longer than regular cutting boards. If you’re planning on making wooden cutting boards, make sure to use a sturdy and food-safe piece of wood like hard maple or natural wood instead of cedar to make it last more. Do not forget to use a food-safe finish either.

27. Wooden Bedside Table

Bedside tables are a must for many households. Many beds don’t offer drawers or space to keep one’s necessary items by their bed. This is why selling bedside tables is a great idea and is highly profitable. You can make small to mid-sized bedside tables that offer two to three drawers, you can also make bedside shelf style organizers with a drawer at the top and two to three shelves in the bottom. 

28. Wooden Headboards

Not all beds offer headboards. Buying a bed with a headboard can be quite costly as well. That’s when personalized headboards come in. Many people also like personalized headboards as it adds a touch of intimacy in their home. Put on your creative hat and make the best rustic yet elegant-looking headboard. It’ll surely bring a ton of profit to your business. 

29. Wooden Plant Holder

Wooden plant holder allows one to keep multiple flower pots or plant pots in a small space. Since most people live in flats these days, keeping plants is harder due to insufficient space. That’s why many people prefer wooden plant holders as it offers them more room for their plants and also looks great. You can also make hanging wooden plant holders and sell wooden flower pots with that as a set. 

30. Vertical Wooden Wall Garden

A vertical wooden wall garden setup will allow one to set up a garden entirely hanging on the wall. This setup is very easy to use as it only requires a base and a few pots attached to it. You can add rectangular pots to make the process easier, as round pots take more time. Coloring the setup in a dark hue will let the green hues of the garden pop, making it more attractive. 

31. Bathtub Caddy

People are always looking for something that will help them to relax a bit more, and feel better. A bathtub caddy is something like that. A bathtub caddy will become your best friend when you’re taking a soak and want to read a book, or maybe write a poem. Making a bathtub caddy is very easy, as it’s just a properly finished long wooden board. Show your best woodworking skills, and make it look lucrative!

32. Watch Box

If you’re working with lumber and haven’t thought about making a wooden watch box yet, you need to start right now. Making maximum profit with minimal effort doesn’t get easier than this. If you’re making watch boxes, then you can keep the lid personalized, with the owner’s name engraves. Or you can offer a glass lid that allows the owner to see the watches inside. Colour the box in a dark hue to make the box look very elegant. Don’t forget to add watch pillows.

33. Wooden Jewelry Box

A wooden jewelry box is a classic woodworking project. The possibilities are endless when it comes to making wooden jewelry boxes. You can add little drawers and different compartments in each drawer. Adding lining inside the box will make it look more sophisticated as well. You can engrave the owner’s name on the top or design with the woodburning technique as well. Use a magnetic lock to ensure a perfect lock system.

34. Wooden Candle Holder

Wooden candle holders can be a little hard to make if you’re an amateur in this field. However, if you can achieve what it takes to make wooden candle holders, you’ll be able to pocket huge profits through these. Wooden candle holders require minimal materials and a lot of skills, but once finished, these can change the look of a room within seconds. You can make single candle holders, or make conjoint candle holders as well.

35. Wooden House Number Plate

We all have a house number, right? Some people like to use steel house number plates to decorate the front gate of their homes. But steel can rust. This is why wooden house number plates are a great option among customers. You can make plain wooden boards with just the numbers. To do this, create the numbers first, and then attach those to a wooden base. You can also carve the numbers into a wooden board.

36. Wood Pallet Coasters

Pallet wood is easily available and can be used to make many very profitable woodworking projects. One of these projects is pallet wood coasters. Pallet wood is very rustic looking and gives a very raw vibe to the project. This is why many prefer pallet coasters over regular wood coasters. You can paint over pallet wood coasters. You can also sell these coasters in sets of 5 or 6. 

37. Wooden Knife Storage

As unbelievable as it may sound to you, many people prefer keeping separate knife storage or wooden knife block in their kitchen. It’s a great measure of safety, and it also adds a touch of sophistication to the kitchen. If you’re a beginner, start with making knife blocks for 3 to 4 knives and move on to bigger and better designs slowly. It’s recommended to not practice complicated designs if you’re new to this.

38. Floating Charging Station

The frustration of not getting to charge your device in the place you want to is quite real. It happens more than you think it does. This is why selling floating charging stations is a great and highly profitable idea. You might be wondering what makes it different from a floating organizer? Well, this is a single floating station that allows one to charge their laptop and phones at their desired places. You can add a drawer at the bottom to make it multipurpose too!

39. Wooden Bathroom Mat

Although wooden bathroom mats can be quite new to some people, it has been used for years in many households. Wooden bathroom mats add a great natural aesthetic to the bathroom. But their looks aren’t the only good things about them. Wooden bathroom mats allow water to evaporate faster and can be cleaned very easily. Add anti-slip material underneath the mat to ensure proper grip.

40. Wooden Front Door Mat

Wooden doormats are considered as one of the most profitable yet easy to make woodworking projects ever. Making wooden doormats requires minimum effort and very cheap raw materials as well. a few pieces of thin wood attached with rope tightly will make a perfect doormat. To enhance the beauty, you can use the reverse stencil technique and write “welcome” or “hi” on the doormat.

41. Floating Bathroom Shelves

One of the biggest problems in modern houses is there aren’t enough organizing space and people have too much stuff. This is why they’re always looking for unique organizers to serve the purpose while ensuring it doesn’t dull down the atmosphere. Floating bathroom shelves can be a great addition to any house. Adding glass doors will also allow better visibility and make the project look attractive as well!

42. Trivets

We need something to protect our dining table from heat damage from utensils just like we do with mugs and coasters. Trivets are the answer to this problem. Regular trivets can look quite boring, but with wooden trivets, it always looks interesting. The rustic and raw aesthetic of wooden trivets makes the atmosphere at the dining table better than ever! You can sell trivets in sets of four with each being a different size, or you can sell trivets of different shapes and different sizes as well. 

43: Tissue Box Holder

Everyone uses tissues at their home. And almost everyone hates how mismatched the box looks with the aesthetics of their room. This is why tissue box holders are quite popular among many. To make one, make a wooden box with no bottom, and keep an opening just where the tissue is supposed to come out from. You can hand paint the box according to your design. You can also add seashells to make it more beach and summer-themed.

44. Flags Painted on Wooden Boards

If you take a quick peek at Etsy, you’ll be able to realize how popular this particular project is. Many people like to decorate their houses with flags of the state or country they belong to. Using paint on a cedar board will bring out a more rustic and distressed outcome. If the designs are a bit harder to draw, you can charge more for them. 

45. Organizer With Hooks

It’s quite impossible to say no to handmade wooden organizers. An organizer keeps the house tidier, and when it’s a rustic and posh-looking wooden organizer on top of that, it’s bound to sell. Adding hooks to the organizer will make it more useful. Add a variety of hooks. Small hooks can be used for keys, while bigger ones can be used to hang umbrellas. Small drawers or pockets can be a great addition to that as well.

46. Wooden Clocks

Who said clocks can’t be great gifts? We’re not talking about regular, boring, and plain jane clocks. We’re talking about handmade wooden clocks. You can design the clocks, carve the number inside, or engrave metal-plated numbers to make it chicer. Using metal lining to outline the barrier of the clock is also a great idea to make the clock look very posh.

47. Wood Wall Installation

Often many people look for wall installation that’s cheap but sturdy, and won’t ruin the aesthetic of their house either. Using scrap wood pieces to create wall art is a very unique idea. This idea will save your effort and earn you a good amount of profit. You can use a big piece of wood as the base, and glue small and even pieces of scrap wood on top of the base according to your design. 

48. Stepping Tool for Pets

We’ve talked about stepping tools once but stepping tools for pets is quite different from the earlier one. A stepping tool for a pet is much lower than a regular step tool and is also usually coated with a non-slippery pad. These step tools are mini stairs that allow small-legged pets to get into the bed or the couch easily. These portable mini stairs or stepping tools are very popular among pet parents.  

49. Small to Mid-sized Storage Crates

Crates can be made with softwood like pine wood or even oak wood which is considered as hardwood. Whether crates are made of softwood or hardwood has very little to do with the longevity of them. Small to mid-sized crates can act as very handy storage. Keeping one in the bedroom can act as a laundry basket, on the other hand, crates can be used to carry baby toys, books, or even fruits!

50. Wooden Hanger

Wooden hangers are essential in every household. These last for decades, and perform way better than regular plastic hangers. Wooden hangers will never go out of use, therefore making it a very profitable item. You can sell wooden hanger in sets and even in different sizes. You can offer hangers for baby clothes in sets as well. Engraving the name of the buyer on the hanger is another way to turn this item into easy money. 

51. Front yard picnic tables

Who doesn’t love picnics! A picnic is a great way to bond with one’s family with good food around. This is why picnic tables are very popular and they’ll bring you a lot of profit. You can sell regular picnic tables, or you can color them in white to give it a very beachy vibe too!

52. Soda Caddy

Soda caddies are a very nice way to store soft drinks or bottles in an organized space. Small soda caddies are often used to store soda in the refrigerator. Caddies can be stacked up on top of each other, therefore they’re not as roomy as other storages. If the caddy you’re selling isn’t sectioned or divided, then it can be used to carry many other things as well. A rustic-looking caddy is a great addition to the BBQ night in any family! 

53. Wooden soap case

This might be a newer one. Some may have never heard of wooden soap cases either. However, since wood soaks water, the soap is never left in water. This is why wooden soap cases are great for shaving soaps from becoming slimy. And it also saves a great amount of soap from getting ruined. You can make simple wood bars for soaps, you can make soapboxes that come with a lid as well. 

54. Wooden soap mold

DIY soaps are becoming more and more popular with time. Some people even sell handmade soaps. Making wooden soap mold can be very profitable. Wooden projects last longer than plastics and will be of more use too. You can make floral molds, star-shaped molds, regular square molds, etc. Customizing the mold design according to a customer can be very profitable as well. 

55. Wood resin tray

A wood resin tray is one of the most unique woodworking projects. If you can design a unique, never done before wood resin tray, then it can become your best-selling item within days. To make it more unique, you can use wooden logs on the side, and resin in the middle. You can add silver handles to make the rustic and warm tones of the wood pop. Little streaks of golden or silver paint on the resin will enhance the beauty of the tray twofold.

56. Wooden jewelry holder

Jewellery holders are very easy to make and can be quite profitable as well. A simple wall-hanging jewelry holder makes finding the right earring in the morning an easy task. You can make small earring holders, a mid-sized jewelry shelf, a wall-hanging jewelry holder with multiple hooks, bangles, or bracelet holders with branches to keep the bracelets arranged. Drawing little designs with woodburning will make the jewelry holder stand out even more!

57. Wooden wall plaques

Wooden wall plaques can be a great way to decorate the walls of a living room. The possibilities with wooden wall plaques are endless. You can make round wall plaques or square-shaped wall plaques that are engraved with sentimental words like, “live”, “love”, “home” etc. To make it stand out more you can sand the plaques, darken them to give it a distressed look, and outline the engraving with metal paint.

58. Wooden keepsake boxes with personalized lid

Wooden keepsake boxes are the perfect gift around the holidays. These boxes can be used as gift boxes or even as a box filled with memories. Customizing the lid according to the customer will make it more profitable. You can engrave initials, names, or even sentimental words to make it stand out more. You can also use the woodburning technique to make the customization stand out more. 

59. Handmade vinyl record holder

People who collect vinyl records might not be huge in number, but you’ll be surprised to know how many of them exist. Vinyl collectors prefer keeping their records in an organizer designed specifically to store the records. These record holders are very easy to make and can earn you a good number of profits easily. Since vinyl records are already vintage, adding dark hues to the record holder will make it look more vintage and perfect for the record. 

60. Cloth diaper organizer

As the times are changing many parents are focusing on cloth diapers. Wooden cloth diaper organizers are quite new to the market, but the hype around cloth diapers tells us that these organizers are here to stay. Cloth diaper organizers are quite similar to floating shelves. You can make various shapes for wall hanging cloth diaper organizers, or you can make caddy-like organizers as well. 

61. Baby accessories organizer

A baby accessory organizer is a must in every household. Wooden baby accessories organizer is preferred among many due to its longevity. One organizer can be used for generations. Baby accessories organizers can be made in many ways. You can make a hanging accessories organizer, a small shelf-sized organizer with drawers and compartments, or a caddy organizer with compartments inside makes a nice organizer as well. 

62. Wooden height chart

Wooden height charts are very unique woodworking projects. Along with their uniqueness, they’re also very easy to make. to make a wooden height chart, you need a long piece of solid wood, which is at least 6 feet tall, and some black acrylic paint. To make the wooden height chart more beautiful looking, ensure the plank of wood is thin so that it doesn’t stand out. Don’t forget to add hardware for wall mounting!

63. Personalized bottle opener

This is one of the most basic woodworking projects but you’ll be surprised at how popular this is. Making a personalized bottle opener is very easy. All you need is a small solid piece of wood, preferably hard maple, and a metal bottle opener screwed onto it. You can engrave the initials of the owner on the bottom to add a little touch of intimacy. You can do a little sanding and carving to make it look rustic and raw.

64. Personalized bookmarks

Wooden bookmarks are very popular among readers. Making wooden bookmarks require the smallest amount of work, and you can sell these in sets to acquire a large number of profits. But be sure to use very thin pieces of wood to make sure it doesn’t ruin the book it’s been used on. Tie a ribbon at the top of the bookmark as well. you can also engrave names on the bookmark to make it more unique.

65. Personalized journals

Wooden journals can be a great gift for anybody. It even can add a touch of edginess to one’s library within seconds. Creating a wooden journal is very easy. You can buy raw materials in bulk, and use thin plywood as the cover for the journal. To decorate the journal, you can engrave it on it, or you can use woodburning as well. Name engravement on the middle is a very great way to attract customers with its uniqueness.

66. Console table

Console tables are very easy to create and are considered one of the most popular woodworking projects ever. These tables are a perfect fit for homes that don’t have a lot of room. These narrow tables can fit in any corner of the house and be used accordingly. Some families keep one in the entryway while some like to keep one in the living room. Either way, these can be very profitable for your business. 

67. Wooden lap table

Wooden lap tables are a great way to work while sitting comfortably. Some lap desks have enough room to hold a laptop, a coffee mug, and some other devices as well. Some lap desks offer designated places to keep coffee mugs. Wooden lap desks can serve many purposes while adding the perfect vintage and raw touch to your room. 

68. Wooden photo display board

Wooden photo display boards can make the perfect gift or a great addition to one’s living room. Making a wooden photo display board is very easy. All you need is a wooden base, some rope, and a few cloth clips. You can customize the shape of the baseboard but the rest of the process will remain the same. Adding engravement like “love” or “family” at the top of the base board can enhance the beauty of this project tenfold.

69. Wood-framed mirror

A mirror is essential in every house. While plain or regular mirrors can look quite boring and mundane, wooden mirrors can change that easily. Wood-framed mirror requires severe carving skills and offers a huge profit. These wood-framed mirrors have a very royal, elegant, and vintage aura to them. Most people can’t and won’t say no to such chic and handmade fitments. You can make small-sized framed mirrors, big-sized hanging framed mirrors, etc.

70. Wooden chalkboard set

A wood-framed chalkboard set makes a very cute and cozy addition to any household. You can make a thinly wood framed chalkboard, and a box carrying chalk and sell it as a set. Making this is a very easy process as all you’ve to do is frame the board. You can also make a standing wood-framed chalkboard set. This will be a little harder to make but it’ll bring more profits as well. 

With these top 70 woodworking projects to sell, you’ll no longer have to run out of ideas. Woodworking is more about showing skills rather than building complicated things. Don’t forget to use a food-safe finish with the projects that can come in contact with food. Don’t be afraid of testing your skills. Don’t be afraid of charging what suits you either. Wear proper safety gear while working to ensure you’re staying safe as well. 

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